What Is Your Investment Strategy?

Why should an investment strategy be important to you?

Let me ask you a couple questions. Is it a long term strategy or a short term strategy based on your time horizon? Are you targeting a certain return on your investments? What is your level of tolerance? Are you monitoring your investments? If you are investing in real estate, common stock or equities, are you adequately diversifying your assets? Do you know the fee structure of your investments? If you currently utilize an advisor, are your fees transparent? These are just a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself. To help, let me provide a list of variables and hierarchy of decisions that should be important elements of an investment strategy.

Asset Allocation Variables:

  • Time Horizon
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Expected Return
  • Asset Class Preference
  • Tax Status

Hierarchy of Investment Decisions:

  • What is the time horizon of your investment strategy?
  • What asset classes will be considered?
  • What will be the mix among asset classes?
  • What sub-asset classes will be considered?
  • Which managers/funds will be considered?

Remember it is your money and you want to make sure you have a defined investment process in place to determine your investment strategy. It is an important piece of your financial and retirement plan.

The best way to describe Fergerson Financials investment approach is personalization. Each client is different and personal attention is needed for each investment portfolio. Fergerson Financial will provide you with Fiduciary standards of care which incorporates asset allocation variables, hierarchy of investment decisions and many other practices to ensure you have a sound investment strategy for your financial and retirement plan. Experience, Trust and Results…..it’s what you expect.